Thursday, 3 May 2007

Vallon Pont D'Arc (Ardeche, France)

29th April
Leucate Plage to Vallont Pont D'Arc (Ardeche Region - France)

Arrival 47341km

A very nice drive today. The French roads really are, in the main, a pleasure to drive on, and the scenery was good too, even along the Autoroute A75. Once off the Autoroute, on to the 'D' roads, in to pretty towns and villages, poppies in flower in the fields everywhere.

I had chosen St. Remeze as my destination but passed through Vallon Pont D'Arc on the way and it looked really nice, right on the river and with good access to Gorges of the Ardeche. I ended up going to the final destination and St. Remeze is a lovely wee village, but since I wanted to do some activities, I just filled up with water and returned to Vallon Pont D'Arc and found the Aire de Stationnement there which was handily placed for town. The Aire costs 7e per night and was busy with plenty of vans.

Something I forgot to mention about the Aire at Leucate Plage.... the bread delivery van came around at 8am blasting his horn, and had a long queue of folk waiting to buy bread off him. I wasn't up out of my scratcher quite then though! I had to buy my bread in Vallon Pont D'Arc.

Vallon is a lovely small town on the banks of L'Ardeche and they had a festival of some sort on in the town square. It's a holiday weekend and then place is jumping. I initially walked in and then later, I cycled back in, did some grocery shopping and booked a canoe trip down the Ardeche for Monday. It's 32km, starts at 9am and will take all day to complete and I guess that I'll be wrecked by the end of it, but I hope it'll be worth it for both the experience and the scenery.

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