Sunday, 20 May 2007

19th May

19th May
Krk, Croatia to Zagreb, then on to Pecs, Hungary.

Arrival in Pecs, 50049km

A small bit of a disastrous travelling day today as initially we had decided on heading to Zagreb, but ended up aborting that plan and heading for Pecs in Hungary.

The journey to Zagreb was really nice, as we avoided the Autoroute and kept to the old national route through the mountains and all the beautiful, small villages, then everything flattened out towards Zagreb; still really pretty.

Zagreb proved very disappointing. Bruce mentioned it looked like a dirty, pre renovation Glasgow. The only pleasing aspect of it for me was the old 1960's east European trams which I found quite cool in my geeky way..... We couldn't find a campsite anywhere, so decided to just cut our losses and head for our next destination, Pecs.

By the time we were passing through the Border, it was getting dark, and finding a campsite in Pecs wasn't easy in the dark and rain too. When we eventually found a campsite, by chance, it was too late and the gates were closed, so I just parked Hermione on the street outside behind 2 coaches and we slept there. it tuned out to be fine and next morning I moved on to the now opened campsite. We are just getting ready to go off exploring......

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