Wednesday, 16 May 2007

13th May

13th May
Porto Corsini to Lido Di Jesolo

Arrival 49090km

I was up early as we needed to be off the camper stop area before 9am or we would be charged for another day, so as Bruce continued to sleep (he likes to sleep!), I carried out the few bits and bobs needing to be done before we set off and then we were on our way. The plan was to head in the direction of Venice, and I'd found a few campsites in the guide book at a place called Lido Di Jesolo where there is a bus and boat service to Venice from.

We arrived at the first site, Waikiki and booked in at reception, 12e per night and a really nice site, with the pitches under trees for a bit of shade and right next to the beach. We spent the afternoon having a laze around on site and I got the satellite dish set up for Bruce to be able to watch the tennis on Eurosport. The trees proved to be a bit of a problem for the satellite signal, but finally I found that the pole used for the pitch marker numbers was in a perfect spot to get a signal, so that's where the dish ended up....

Later on, we walked into the small village of Cortellazzo. The area is all very low lying, most likely a lot of the land has been reclaimed from the sea, and it reminded me a lot of Holland in ways. There wasn't a lot to see in Cortellazzo, but we picked up a few supplies in a supermarket including a couple of bottles of cheap wine. The wine, sadly, has proven not to be as good value as Spain was, but at 1.20e a bottle, one really can't complain too much! The ice cream from the local gelateria was also sampled and proved to be very good, even if the woman serving was a bit of a grouch and a bit miserly on the quantity. I made enquiries at campsite reception about travelling into Venice the next day and we chilled out in the van with the satellite retuned to astra 2 for some English language programming. The signal was too weak for a lot of the channels, so we ended up watching a kind of bad Tv movie; the sort that you'd normally just turn over, but it actually turned out to be ok in the end up.

Venice tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to.............

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