Thursday, 3 May 2007

Leucate Plage (Back in France again)

28th April
Sitges to Leucate Plage, France.

Arrival at Leucate Plage: 47026km

An uneventful journey once out of Sitges and the twisty coast road to Barcelona. A large hold up of traffic between Barcelona and Girona and then again on both sides of the Spanish / French border where the adjacent towns seem to cater for the shoppers. I'm not sure what's cheaper on either side but a roaring trade was being done in something!

I had decidedto head for around the Perpignan area to stop off for the night and found Leucate Plage listed in the camperstop book and liked the look of where it was on the map. Leucate is located on the Med coast just north of the border and is also at a large land locked lake that is used for all kinds of water sports. It might have been nice to have stopped there for a few days when in season, but it was all very quiet.

The Aire was fine; like a large gravel car park with all the motorhomes parked aorund the outside edge. All the sea facing spaces had already been taken, but I wasn't bothered as I was only in transit and would be heading off in the morning anyway. The water wasn't switched on though, so I had no water left in the tank for a shower and had to head off in the morning and hope to get some water at the next stop.

There was a lovely beach of golden sand and it would be a nice place to head for a quiet beach break. I didn't get to see much else, so not a lot more to say really. The Aire was very quiet after dark and I slept well, woken around 8am by the usual early risers starting up the diesel engines.

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