Wednesday, 16 May 2007

15th May

15th May
Lido di Jesolo to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Arrival 49331km

An uneventful journey through Italy towards Trieste, where we cut up on to the autostrada A4 and paid the toll of 1.50e towards the border with Slovenia. I pulled in at a motorway service station to fill up with diesel at 1.13 p/litre and then we hopped over the border, stopping at the Italian check point first and then 100 metres later, at the Slovenian one, both of whom just waved us through.... About a kilometer later on we passed a filling station advertising diesel at 96 cent per litre and I fumed at my stupidity! Slovenia has been using the euro since the beginning of this year and looks like it will possible be a good bit cheaper than Italy was.....

The scenery changed over the border into a more Alpine like view and Hermione struggled a bit on some of the hill climbs as the rain vame on. I pulled in at a rest stop to check the tourist info point, but it just turned out to be a map, and we got our first taste of gypsies hassling people in their cars for money. I hoped this wouldn't be a recurring them here.

I'd set Maisy GPS for an address in Ljubljana of a campsite listed in the camper stop book that appeared to be on the outskirts of the city and she got us right to the door, but we about turned and headed back to a supermarket first to get some food in while the wheels were still in motion. Once back at the site, I booked in at 22e per night. We're on Laguna Ljubljana Resort which is a campsite and hotel. There's a bus stop across the road for buses into town, about 5km away.

We hopped on the bus after asking one of the bus drivers at the terminus which one to take to town. It was cheap at 1.25e and the bus amused me as it seemed to be quite old, I'm guessing mid 70'2 vintage, with wooden seats and very basic, but sturdy, german built and made to last. We found the old town with the help of our street map and it's very pretty, with cafe's on both sides of the narrow Ljubljanica river, lots of nice old buildings and a nice feel to the place. WE went up to the castle on the little cable car and had a poke around there, which was quite cool, then stopped at a pizza shop and bought a couple of large slices for 1.70 each and had already been to the fat cake shop and had 2 slices of cake in a box for afters.

After our al fresco meal, we strolled around and ended up a bar called cafe Romeo and cursed as we saw them serving really nice looking food that wasn't that dear..... Still, the drinks were good and cheap. We sampled the local Rum (75%) at 2 euro a shot and our drinks bill came to 20 euro by 11pm. Bruce asked the little waiter guy if there was a place opened late and he directed us to the Skeleton bar, where we ended up getting rather drunk on 2 for 1 cocktails before heading back to the campsite by taxi. I was pretty drunk and just crashed out.....

Tomorrow is planned for another day here probably.....

The ceiling of the chapel in the castle -

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