Sunday, 20 May 2007

17th and 18th May

17th and 18th May
Ljubljana, Slovenia to Krk, Croatia.

Arrival in Krk, 49650 km

After our 2nd day in Ljubljana, a city we both really enjoyed, we decided to head for Croatia and do a couple of days of coast relaxation. It was a bit of a case of 'pin the tail on the donkey' on the road atlas to choose our destination, along with availablility of camp sites. We decided on the island of Krk, and kit's main town, also named Krk. There were a few campsites listed, so I reckoned that it would be a reasonable sized tourist town. We travelled mostly Autoroute for the 1st half of the journey, then turned on to a more minor road towards the Croation border.

Arriving at the border, we crossed through the Slovenian check point without any problems, and through the initial Croatian police check point, but then I managed to take a wrong turn and ended up in with the trucks at the Croatian customs check point. This resulted in some confusion with the officials, who disappeared with our passports for a few minutes and then informed us that we would need to turn back and head through the other check point for cars. This meant going back up the one way system the wrong way, only to find the barrier had been lowered and we couldn't get back through! I had to go and speak to a ploiceman who wasn't being very helpful, but meantime, Bruce had spoken to a policewoman who had agreed to lift the barrier, so we finall passed through the border.....

Travelling through the City of Rijeka, we headed for the island of Krk and paid the 350 Kuna (5e) toll to get on to the island, and headed along a very bumpy road to the town of Krk.

Krk is a very pretty, small harbour town, with many old fortifications dating back to the 1100's and some Roman remains too. It has a good number of restaurants around the harbour front and some more in the streets behind. The campsite, 'Bor' was very pleasant, sitting at the top of a hill with amazing views down over the bay and to the islands beyond. We were pitched on a terrace and next door to us, a cat was living under the next caravan and had her litter of 6 kittens which kept us entertained. They were quite timid but eventually came out and poked around and we fed the mammy cat some milk.

We ate out in one of the restaurants and I decided that i was having a blow out and having a starter and main course. In the end, the portions were huge and the food very good and reasonably priced. I think it worked out at less than 30e for both of us having 2 courses each and wine. Next day we just had one course each!

The weather was very nice and we sat down at the harbour and had some drinks and cake in a lovely harbour cafe bar. A very pleasant town, if a small bit on th quiet side at this time of year.

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