Tuesday, 24 April 2007


23rd April

Madrid to Soria.

46044km leaving Madrid.
45e Camping and 40e diesel.

Had to hang around for a short while before leaving the campsite in Madrid as the woman who runs the place was out walking her dug and that delayed settling up. I used the time to empty and fill the water tanks just in case I wasn't able to find a campsite later.

The journey was ok. A lot of it was motorway and the last third was on an N road. They seem to be clearing land to widen the road, like to the size of a motorway, but the traffic was really light, so I don't know where the justification is in that. Maybe they're trying to improve the infrastructure to try to attract investment into the region? Just as I approached Soria, I spotted a camping sign and hung a right off the main road down to a nice quiet little site in Fuente la Teja, which is about 3km from Soria itself.

I biked it into the town which is very nice, although quiet. I think it must be a holiday today, as the shops were all shut. I thought they were jusy closed for siesta time, but even at 5pm they were still no signs of life.

I wandered around the pedestrianised central streets and squares and enjoyed the architecture, which is very 'real' Spain and not too touristy. There is also a really nice public park and just outside, there was a stall selling books where I picked up a rural Spain guide to the attractions. Ok, so it's all in Spanish, but at least it gives me something to go on! I stopped off at a bar and sat outside and enjoyed some local red wine at 1e a glass in the sunshine. I laughed to myself at the price.....

No sign of any net cafes, so the blog update will need to wait a while yet. Mum called me to update me on her weekend away in Blackpool and to see if I was still alive. The bike journey back to the site was thankfully mostly downhill. I'm not quite as fit as I'd like to be for the cycling yet and still get a bit out of puff on the uphill sections.

I cycled back in to Soria in the evening, after dinner, and it was absolutely jumping. There were loads of people out, strolling through the streets, drinking in the bars and outside and eating in the restaurants. I'm very taken with this little city. (City may be stretching it - large town?) It's a bit off the main tourist beaten track but well worth a visit.

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