Tuesday, 17 April 2007

14th April

14th April.
Torre Del Mar to Mijas Costa.

An uneventful journey down the short distance between these 2 towns, mostly Autovia all the way. I got myself a small bit lost on the last leg as I'd taken the wrong exit, but Rab appearedon the bike, after I'd been chased out of a supermarket car park by the security guard who was mumbling about "solo trabajos" as the place wasn't actually opened yet. I don't know why he was getting upset. The place was empty.

I followed Rab on his motorbike up the steep hill to where they're living and parked the van on another steep hill in a cul de sac for the night. An extra 'rock' hand brake was put under the back wheel just in case!

We were soon catching up on all the gossip and chatting away, out on the balcony and supping a few beers. Glorious sunshine today and felt myself starting to burn...... Strange again how you haven't seen people for nearly 4 years and catch up like it's been a fortnight. The kids are nice kids. Peter is motorbike and quad daft. Gemma just never shuts up! Reminds me of a certain other little miss back home......Rab and I headed out later for a few beers in the bar down the street and didn't finish up chatting back at theirs until about 4am.

Down to the van for bed on the hill.....

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