Wednesday, 11 April 2007

8th April

8th April

Somewhere high in the hills around Lake Vinuela, Andalucia.

Sunday morning found me waking up with a slight hangover and a lump of a rottweiler trying to climb into the bed beside me, licking my face as if to say "I'm bored, come play with me!" He eventually took heed that I wasn't getting up yet and when I finally did surface, around 10, Troy and skippy, the little terrier, were down in the paddock with the horses while Karen was getting on with jobs in the stables. Considering how much I'd had to drink, I didn't feel too awful.

The sun was shining although the temperature wasn't amazing. The weather's been unseasonally cool so far, and wet also. Apparently it's been the coldest Semana santa in 40 years in Spain. It's not exactly cold. 16 deg isn't cold but then the locals will feel it more as they are more acclimatised. The forecast for the week ahead isn't great either with more rain expected.

We headed down to Bar Triana for Sunday lunch which was your traditional British Sunday roast job and was very good. Again, very good value with starters and drinks it was about 15 euro a head. I don't plan to eat out loads, but at least at these sort of prices, it won't blow the budget entirely. We also sampled the village's Spanish bar which was showing the bullfighting in Madrid on the telly. Graham dropped me back down to the campsite as I really wanted to have a shower and a change of clothes. The site had emptied out while I had been gone, although I still plan to move on in the morning and head further inland to camp up. There is a campsite next to the restaurant up at the lake to go and suss out...

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