Tuesday, 17 April 2007

13th April

13th April
Camping Torre Del Mar.

The last couple of days have been pretty much chilled out. Since the weather was so bad, I didn't venture out of the van much and did a lot of reading. In fact at this rate I'm going to run out of books to read soon.
It's lovely weather today. It feels as though it's finally getting back to where it should be for this area. I've just come back from the internet cafe and made arrangements to go and see my American friend Matt in Madrid next weekend. My rough plan for the coming week is to visit Algeciras, Tarifa, possibly Cadiz, then Sevilla, Cordoba and then to Madrid and spend the weekend there. That should take me up to about the 22nd of April which will give me 2 full weeks to get to Milano, Italy where Bruce is joining me on my travels for a few weeks. That should give enough time for it not to end up as a mad dash and leave some time for sightseeing.
Graham and Karen appeared down at the campsite at lunchtime and we went for a stroll down to the beach and had some lunch at one of the little beachside bars here in Torre. I decided when I got back to take on electric hook up for the next few days as the battery in the van is getting a bit on the low side since she's not been moving anywhere. This means I get to watch as much Spanish TV as I like too!
I've just realised there is a Dutch van parked opposite me now. This could make things interesting when the time comes for me to move out.

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