Thursday, 19 April 2007

18th April

18th April

Dos Hermanas / Sevilla to Cordoba.

Arrival in Cordoba 45616 km.

Left early so that I'd get to Cordoba early enough to do the sightseeing in the afternoon. Not much to report on the journey. Only about 160km, all Autovia. Maisy took us practically right to the gate of the campsite which was a bonus as there were no signs until practically upon the place. Camping Brillante and Av. Brillante.....

Very well looked after campsite, grade 1, 3 star. 23 euro p/night inc. lecky, but I think they're trying the old trick of charging me for a 'package' rather than individual vehicle, person and electric. I'll query it in the morning. The pitch was pretty tight to get on to. Initially I went over a very narrow bridge and a sharp right turn, but this led me down the wrong section of pitches. I had a bit of a job getting turned and even more hassle getting back over the bridge, but got there in the end.

Once pitched, I checked the temporary repair I'd made to the exhaust only to find the bungee cord had melted. hardly surprising really. I remembered the tailpipe in the boot which had been sleeved on to the original pipe from the silencer had a hanger bracket attached to it and thought I may be able to adapt it to fit on to the stub of pipe left on the silencer and this would make it more secure. I managed to get the hanger close enough to the hanger on the chassis and adapted some rubbers to fit. It seems to be far more secure, so should be ok until I can get a new part ordered.

I walked down the road from the campsite towards the city and it took about 15 minutes, then down into the historic district. Cordoba is another lovely city, lots to see and plenty of eating places, shops and bars. I came to the Mezquite; the old mosque that had been converted to a cathedral and paid my 8e entrance fee to see inside. It's a very interesting mix of the eastern architecture with pillars and arches everywhere, then adaptations to make it more westernised and christian. To be honest, I preferred the Mosque style. The Christian alterations seemed out of place there somehow. From there, I wandered around the outside, past the old city walls and moat and did a circuit, then back into the old town and through the maze of streets.

I headed back, trying to find a net cafe, but the only one I found was full up. Back via the supermarket to stock up on essentials. The camspite is in a nice district. I only travelled through one dodgy looking part of Cordoba and that was in the way in. Well it was more scruffy than dodgy really.

Weather warm but overcast. Temps 26-27 deg C. Plan is to move on tomorrow morning towards Madrid and maybe have a stop off half way. The 'N' road up to Cuidad Real looks like it might be scenic, although there are a couple of steep inclines marked, but I think I'll head that way and see what it's like.

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