Tuesday, 26 June 2007

25th June


Well the rain has finally let up (mostly) and i headed in to Rotterdam centre this morning on the bus. They're in the middle of building a new station or something and all the roads are dug up around Centraal Station. The architecture is a strange mix of old Dutch and 50's / 60's then really modern stuff. Definately a city that has a lot of modern influences, and even the 50's / 60's stuff looks ok, as it seems to have been maintained!

The city centre is quite compact and plenty of shopping opportunities, but when you've seen a Jack and Jones or H&M in one city, the next is just the same. I did buy a bicycle pump so that I can maybe get around to fixing that puncture I have on the bike! I worked my way back towards the station and found the tourist info shop and made some enquiries there, got a map etc. from there I headed into the Chinese area then along another street into what seemed to be the turkish / Afro Carribean area. All quite interesting. More older Ditch tenements here and finally found a net cafe! I can't access my memory card, hence the previous posts still need to be filled in. After last night's staying at home, i really would like to get out into the city this evening and see if there's any nightlife....... I'm running out of books to read again! My probelm is that I can devour small novels easily in one evening.....

The weather the last 5 days or so has been very poor, with lots of rain, and today is also very windy and there are bikes blown over everywhere in town. My travels are drawing to a close. Probably only 1 city to go after this and that will be Antwerp in Belgium as it has been recommended over Brugge and Brussels looks to be a nightmare to get camped in, so it has been ruled out.

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