Sunday, 3 June 2007

26th May

26th May

Mileage 50500km.

2nd day in Bratislava and once again red hot weather. We headed down to the lake in the afternoon and joined the throng of locals in swimming to cool off. Later, we made our way into town by tram for some food and a walk around. I find Bratislava a quirky little city in that the old centre is very pretty, but beyond that, it's a bit shabby, definately lots of old ex-communist housing stock that's seen better days. Surprisingly, propert's not that cheap. The city centre is fairly buzzing with people though, and lots of bars and restaurants.

We went into a bar and had a few pre club Saturday night drinks and later headed to a club until about 4am and caught a taxi back to the campsite. We got a bit ripped off by the taxi driver, I suspect, as he seemed to take us in a large semi-circular direction and it ended up costing nearly 500 Kronur and should have been nearer 350. Also, the supposed 24 hour Tesco near the campsite was shut when we got back, so our planned post-club feast didn't happen. Oh well.... it's been a good visit anyway.

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