Friday, 8 June 2007

3rd June

3rd June

Krakow continued.....

I headed back in to the city by bus after I'd got the washing done. I got off at a different bus stop this time and came in to the old town from a different direction and came across another smaller square which looked really nice, very quaint, but the paving was in the process of being replaced, so it was all fenced off, so photo op lost there unfortunately. The centre was busy with people again, there was a jazz band playing on the stage in the large square. Horse and carriage tours were going on also...

I wandered out of the centre and down by the river where there was a funfair and stalls set up, then continued on to the Jewish quarter and had a nose around there. Not really all that much to see other than old tenement buildings that reminded me of Glasgow a lot, but again I ended up by the river at a different stretch and folk were cycling and roller blading on the path, people enjoying the Sunday. I walked back to the centre and ate in a restaurant, then caught the bus back to the campsite.

I was very impressed with Krakow and it's one city I'd definately be going back to. They are obviously spending lots of money improving the centre and it's very pretty. It also felt a safe city to be in and I was never hassled on the street. The people were friendly too.

Tomorrow I'm heading for the capital, Warsaw.

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