Tuesday, 26 June 2007

25th June - part 1


I left Amsterdam on the Monday morning and decided to head to the little town of Edam, north of the city about 30km. I'd been to Edam and it's very close neighbour, Volendam, before so I knew what to expect. I stopped off at a car park just next to the marina and camp site. I made myself some lunch and pondered what to do. The weather didn't look very promising at all. Grabbing my brolly, I hoofed it into the town centre and had a look around; all very pretty and picturesque, little houses and shops, and they're celebrating the town's 650th anniversary, so all the flags were out, but the place was very quiet.

By the time I got back to the van, the rain had started and didn't look like letting up, so I decided to head for Rotterdam instead. It rained heavily all the way and the grass on the campsite was soaking. I stayed home and read my book. More from Rotterdam to come later.....

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