Friday, 15 June 2007

13th June

Hamburg continued....

When I got up from my slumber and poked my nose outside the door, I could see that the weather wasn´t going to be as nice as yesterday. It wasn´t cold, but overcast and the threat of rain was in the air. I decided to head out on the bike though and explore the city some more. I headed for the St. Pauli district where the Reeperbahn is, although it´s quiet during the daytime, then from there I tried to head back towards the centre of town via a different route and got myself a bit lost, cycling for ages until I found road signs for Zentrum and followed those, as the spits of rain began. It didn´t come to anything much though, and by the time I´d found my way to the railway station, and stopped off for some lunch, the sun had started to come out.

After lunch I checked out the St. George district; lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs, and a large Turkish / Iranian / Afghan community, so plenty of ethnic eateries too. I locked up the bike and wandered by foot, did a small bit of shopping and nosed around the antique / bric a brac / assorted crap shops; didn´t buy anytrhing though. Later, I made my way back to the van and lazed for a bit, reading my book and suddenly feeling really tired, so went for a snooze for an hour.

Late in the evening I headed to the Altona district by S-Bahn train from the Hauptbahnhof as I wanted to go to a club there that had been recommended as being good on a Wednesday night. as I got off the train, i could hear faint music in the distance and as I got closer to it and rounded a bend, there was a rock band set up in the street, under a railway bridge on a kind of traffic island thingy! Folk were milling around and watching the band as they kicked out tunes into the night air. Quite bizzare at midnight on a Wednesday! I found the club easily, paid my 6 euro in and got a token for 3 euro handed back to me for a drink or something to eat. The club was just starting to fill up and the dj was playing a good mix of music; chart stuff and some indie stuff too, so i was quite happy there. I was knocking back the Becks Bier and soon fuzzy enough to get some Dutch courage to go dance and I had a good laugh. I called it a night around 3am and got a taxi back and headed to the bunk. Tommorrow I head for Osnabrück...........

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